Current Design

Current Design


Step 1: A moderated user testing
I created three low fidelity mock-ups for a moderated user testing session.  After explaining to participants three possible design scenarios at the beginning of the test, the participants were asked to use the site and think out loud. 

Group A - five FIT finders (The Ladders  internal recruiters -  they use our product as their main recruiting tool)
Group B – five active users, via Ethnio and/or Email

Results summary of all participants
Like to see increase in display size of candidate resumes before downloading.
+ Like to have YOE, work authorization,  and location preference as displayed info on the page.  This was a concensus among both groups "Because resume don't usually include this information."
+ Like to have clear definition of buttons. e.g. “download resume”,” save profile”,” share resume”. 


Step 2 Un-moderated user testing
Based on the feedback from the previous user testing session, I was able to narrow down the design to two modified design options. I then asked a larger base of our users to vote for the design that displayed information more effectively. 

306 active users

option #1                                                                                                                                    option#2

option #1                                                                                                                                    option#2

Results summary
Option #2 had 164 votes v.s. option1 had 142 votes

1. Option2 design provided for larger displays of resumes, an answer to a primary problem of legibility and ease of use, as defined by our users.
2. Through the testing sessions I discovered users don't need to see a full synopsis all the time. Prior to the project, they saw the resume/profile page layout with the profile information as somewhat redundant.  The profile section layout was later modified in order to augment the entire page layout and provide the users with the information they were seeking.

Final visual design